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A rock reinvention

A rock reinvention
A rock reinvention
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Shooting the inaugural music video for the Magpie Salute

Confession: I don't really like rock music. So when I was asked to work on the Magpie Salute's inaugural music video — the band comprising the erstwhile members of The Black Crowes — my first questions was, who are they? Turns out, while I was listening to Biggie Smalls records, the Black Crowes were busy selling more than 35 million albums. So I headed down to South London to meet the band and shoot the video for 'Omission' with director Will Hadley. I shot their gig that night too, hanging out at the back with 'Taper Todd', the man who follows the band around the world and records audio of their performances. He looked after my tripod when I went roaming in the crowd. I listened to industrial techno all the way home.

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